Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein

City Attorney Press Releases

2/12/18    City of Columbus Shuts Down Linden Drug House that Doubled as Fugitive Hideout

2/9/18    City Attorney and The Ohio State University College of Public Health Convene Meeting to Address Opioid Epidemic at Colleges and Universities

2/1/18    Columbus Joins Legal Effort to Protect Workers’ Collective Bargaining Rights

1/31/18    Columbus, Franklin County Partners with Nationwide and OhioHealth to Convene Businesses to Address Opioid Epidemic

1/29/18    City Attorney’s Office Reaches Agreement to Demolish West Side Drug House

1/25/18    City Secures Second Drug House Emergency Board-Up in Past Two Days

1/24/18    City Shuts Down West Side Drug House Called a ‘Stark Danger’ to the Community and Police Officers

2016-17 Press Releases

11/20/17    City Shuts Down 'Deplorable' Drug Den

10/26/17    City Shuts Down Illegal After-Hours Club Operating on West Side

10/19/17    City Sues California Investment Company

9/27/17    City Shuts Down West Side Drug House After More than 1.5 Kilos of Marijuana and Heroin Found During Police Raid

9/21/17    City Shuts Down Violence-Plagued Nightclub with Troubling History of Shootings, Assaults, Violence Against Women

9/7/17    Three Shot at Stooges, City Says Enough

8/4/17    City Shutting Down West Side Drug House Where Stockpile of Weapons, Drugs Found Onsite During Police Raids

8/3/17    City Secures Emergency Board-Up of Troubled Carryout: Scene of Fraud, Shootings, Violent Assaults, Drug Trafficking, Rape

6/30/17    City Boarding Up Seventh West Side Drug House This Year

6/21/17    City Shutting Down Notorious East Side Strip Club

6/20/17    City Targets Drug House in Clintonville

6/7/17    Five Arrest Warrants Issued for the ‘Cologne Cowboy’

6/5/17    In Flurry of Filings, City Attorney Targets Drug Houses in All Five Police Zones

5/23/17    City Looks to Shut Down Hotel Plagued by Shootings, Drug Trafficking, Prostitution

4/21/17    City Attorney’s Latest Neighborhood Documentary Highlights the Hilltop

3/23/17    Partnering with Local Hospitals, AG's Office for Domestic Violence ‘Advanced Training’ Conference

2/8/17    City Attorney Continues Aggressive Efforts to Shut Down Drug Havens

1/12/17    City Attorney Targeting Weinland Park Carry Out Deemed a Chronic Nuisance

1/11/17    Theft Stats Drop in Columbus for First Time in Six Years

12/20/16    City Releases Annual 'Holiday Hoodlums' List

12/09/16    ‘Red Bull Rapscallion’ Latest Example of ‘Niche-Market’ Shoplifting Trend

11/30/16    City Secures Emergency Board-Up of Troubled Carryout

11/15/16    Thief Turning 'Trash' into Treasure

11/04/16    City Attorney Takes ‘Civil’ Approach in Fight Against Drug Epidemic

10/18/16    Woman Stabs Self, Applies for Victim of Crime Funds

10/4/16    Authorities Searching for 'One-Man Demolition Derby'

10/3/16    Clintonville Highlighted in City Attorney's Neighborhood Documentary Series

9/28/16    City Seeking Two-for-One Shutdown of Drug LandLord

9/06/16    Ezekiel Elliott Press Release

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7/19/16    City Seeks to Shut Down Drug Trafficking 'One-Stop Shop'

6/30/16    City Attorney Releases Annual July 4th Public Service Announcement

6/09/16    Eight Arrest Warrants Issued for Grove City Man Known as the 'Faucet Fanatic'

5/04/16    Convicted Felon Accused of 'Goodwill Hunting'

4/21/16    ‘Dental Hygiene Hoodlum’ Wanted after Stealing More than $2500 Worth of Teeth Whitening Kits

4/05/16    Bad Judgment Brings Unwanted Attention to Accused Thief

3/16/16    City Attorney Again Participating in National Campaign to Curb Drunk Driving

1/27/16    Columbus Sees a New Twist on Tailgating

1/14/16    City Attorney Releases 2015 Theft Statistics for Columbus, Ohio

2015 Press Releases

12/30/15    City Attorney Releases Public Service Announcement - "What goes up, must come down"

12/21/15    'Downton Abbey Addict' Arrested

12/8/15    Columbus Releases Its Annual 'Holiday Hoodlums' List

11/12/15    Authorities Searching for the ‘Downton Abbey Addict’

11/5/15    The ‘Paleo Diet Pilferer’ Strikes Again

10/14/15    With Halloween Approaching, ‘Sweet Tooth Swindler’ Still on the Prowl

9/8/15    Authorities Declare: ‘One of the Stupidest Scams We’ve Seen’ Is Proving Effective in Central Ohio

8/3/15    City Attorney’s JusticeNet Program Helps Facilitate Central Ohio Man’s Arrest in Georgia

7/15/15    ‘Energy Drink Addict’ Wanted by Authorities

7/1/15    City Attorney Releases Photo Red Light Camera Procurement Review

6/30/15    City Attorney Releases New Public Service Announcement

6/16/15    Arrest Warrants Issued for Local Man Known as the 'Boy Band Bandit'

5/11/15    City Attorney Launches Season Two of Neighborhood Documentary Series

3/16/15    City Attorney Joining National Effort to Curb Drunk Driving

3/12/15    City Attorney Releases Public Service Announcement

2/23/15    Authorities Searching for the 'Paleo Diet Pilferer'

1/27/15    Braveheart Bandit's Freedom Taken

1/21/15    Domestic Violence and Stalking Unit Helping Implement New Program in Franklin County

1/21/15    Professional Shoplifters Hit Retailers' Bottom Line in 2014 More than Ever Before

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